A road network master plan has been formulated for the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto area, which calls for the separation of inter and intra-city traffic according to the specific characteristics of each city to ensure more vital urban activities and a more comfortable living environment for their citizens.

Road Network for Kansai's Renewal and Growth
  • Yodogawa-Sagan Route
  • Yamatogawa Route

Yodogawa-Sagan Route

Yodogawa-Sagan route
Yodogawa-Sagan route

The Yodogawa-sagan Route is a 10.0km access-controlled motorway connecting with the Route 5 (Wangan Route) at the Hokko Junction and Route 3 (Kobe Route) at Ebie Junction (1st phase), and extending to Shin-Midosuji Avenue (2nd phase). The 1st phase was completed in 2013. Some sections of this route will be built under a joint project scheme, together public facilities including parks and sewage.
The construction project area has severe urban environment such as residential area, buried pipes for gas, electricity and water. Such pipe lines were temporarily moved and tunnel work was carried out.

Yamatogawa Route

Yamatogawa route

The Yamatogawa Route is a 9.7km expressway linking the Route4 (Wangan Route) and the Route14 (Matsubara Route). As part of the Osaka Urban Renewal Loop Route Project, it directly links the coastal area of southern Osaka to inland areas. The construction of the route is intended to reduce traffic congestion on the local streets and traffic volume on several routes of the Hanshin Expressway. It will contribute significantly to the activation of the Kansai Metropolitan Area.
The Yamatogawa Route is designed with consideration of the roadside environment, the safety of traveling vehicles and integration into related roads and roadside land use. This route consists of underground structure in residential areas and trench structure in industrial areas. The Osaka Prefecture, Sakai City, and the Hanshin Expressway have jointly undertaken this project since 2006.